Coffee Parties Big Kickoff in Washington DC

Calling itself the Response to the Teaparty Movement, the Coffee Party kicked off it’s big get together in Washington DC today.  From the look of things, I wouldn’t be worried.  What has passed through this writers mind in the last few minutes…  So the Tea Party movement was coined, ‘teabaggers’ by the Left Stream Media.  Can you imagine what one could do with Coffee party?  How about a Coffee enema Party to cure constipation in Democrat government.   Could these folks have been any less original?  I mean, Al Gore has the Green tea Party, former Congressman Massa has the , “tickle Party”, now its the Coffee Party.   The Daily Caller puts it like this:

If Tea Partiers are more comfortable waving signs at a health-care protest, these activists seem much more at ease with a cup of java inside the calm confines of a coffee shop.
This weekend marks the kick-off of the Coffee Parties across the country— which has been billed as the liberal response to the Tea Party movement — and I stopped by one of the Washington D.C. area gatherings Saturday morning at Peregrine Espresso in the Eastern Market area — only to find a small gathering of five activists huddled at a small table.
Kathleen Frydl, a professor on sabbatical from Berkeley, led the discussion on topics ranging from Tea Partiers to the media. Frydl said that even though she finds parts of the Tea Party movement to be “nuts,” there are a couple of things she agrees with the conservative activists on, like adopting a simpler tax code. She took issue with a recent Tea Party document of legislative demands called the “Contract from America” as an example of how Tea Partiers are trying to “speak for America.”
“There’s a certain amount of demagoguery in the Tea Party,” Frydl said.
One participant, a younger man who brought along a college buddy with him, said the biggest difference between the Coffee Party and the Tea Party is that they believe the federal government is not something that should necessarily be demonized.

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The Mainstream Media seems to be covering this constipated kickoff with enthusiasm.  When the Teaparties kicked off in Columbia, South Carolina the local stations didn’t even show up until they saw a crowd of 4000 people and national speakers.

Move over Tea Party there’s another movement brewing.
Saturday is the kick-off of the national Coffee Party with gatherings scheduled across the country of like-minded citizens upset with government and angry that the Tea Party movement has grabbed the spotlight.
“We need to wake up and work hard to get our government to represent us,” Annabel Park, the movement’s founder, told CNN.
The 41-year-old filmmaker from Washington said she rejects the idea that the Tea Party represents “real America” and claims other groups are also concerned about economic issues, including job security and the federal debt.

Lets all get together and make a Sign.  Coffee + an Issue

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