Court has possession of Edwards sex tape

The purported sex tape of former presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter was shown to ABC’s 20/20, Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young testified today in court.

At a court hearing in Hillsborough, it emerged that the original copy of the infamous tape was delivered by a court-appointed security guard. Retrieved from a safe deposit box in Atlanta, the tape was put into a sheriff’s office safe, marked “special.”

Young, who has written a tell-all book on Edwards, has said he found the tape discarded in a home where he and his family lived with Hunter at one time.

The hearing today was part of the legal wrangling over possession of tapes and photos that Hunter claims belong to her. She sued Young to retrieve the items, some of which were delivered to court today in a blue gym bag by Young’s lawyer.

Included in the bag were: a copy of sex tape from Young home; four campaign “webisodes”; tapes of interviews with Edwards’ children shot by Hunter, as well as other assorted videos. The bag also contained two CDs of photos taken by Hunter and a flash drive with copies of photos.

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Court gets possession of John Edwards sex tape