I’m on a Mexican Radio – My First Radio

When I was 10 years old my mother bought me a very small green AM Emperor radio. These same radios were given out at the 1970 Worlds Fair in Japan. But these radios weren’t manufactured in Japan, they were made in Hong Kong. This little radio became my nightly friend. As the sun would go down, AM radio changed drastically from the few local stations you could listen to during the daylight hours to literally hundreds of stations coming in and fading out from all over North America as well as stations from the Caribbean and Mexico. This little radio was a way for a poor kid to travel far away without leaving my bedroom and became one of my major sources of education.

After a few years, I could tell you which station IDs and positions on the dial were from what cities. 650 WSM Nashville Tennessee. WSM had the Grand Ole Oprey live each night. 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio, 720 WGN Chicago, Illinois, 750 WSB Atlanta, 760 WJR Detroit, 770 WABC New York, 820 WBAP Ft Worth